Plant Breeders Association of Nigeria (PBAN)


The Plant Breeders Association of Nigeria (PBAN), is a duly registered scientific association whose members are the critical mass of plant breeders in the private and public sector of Nigeria, cutting across private agricultural companies and outfits, research institutes and academic institutions, Government ministries and related agencies. PBAN, is a community of people united by a common goal who tirelessly strive to make our crops and plants perform better by science and skills for our survival in our environment.

The Association started in November 2017, with membership cutting across the length and breadth of Nigeria as a platform for the coming together of the critical mass of Nigeria Plant breeders for leadership, collaboration, growth, attainment of common goals towards food security and nation building. By April 2019, the group by popular demand evolved into the "Plant Breeders Association of Nigeria (PBAN-pronounced as pee ban)", with very committed pro tem executives saddled with the day to running of the association affairs.

The Physical address of the Association's National Secretariat is currently at the Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Science, College of Agronomy, Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. You can find us online at PBAN is duly incorporated with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, Hence, as the only legitimate platform or channel for discussion and handling any matter related to Plant Breeding and crop improvement in Nigeria RC: CAC/IT/NO/149408.


The objectives of PBAN are to:
Foster interest in all aspects of Basic and Applied Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, DNA Technology, Genetic Engineering and related disciplines in Nigeria. These shall include:

  1. Exchange of information through conferences, seminars, workshops, publications, symposia and demonstrations both in and outside Nigeria
  2. Promote scientific Plant Breeding and related research through robust scientific forum where ideas, knowledge and experiences can be shared in an interdisciplinary manner for the advancement of Basic and Applied Plant Breeding in Nigeria and beyond.
  3. Cooperate with all agencies (Government, Quasi-Government, Private, Public and international organizations) and learned societies with similar interests in Basic and Applied Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Crop Improvement, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Bioengineering, Genomics and all other aspect of both Conventional and Molecular Plant Breeding
  4. Disseminate research finding and a valued advocate for plant breeding research and education; helping to guide and implement a cohesive national plant breeding mandate in all aspect of basic and applied plant breeding.
  5. Promote high standard of professional ethics among its members.
  6. Promote and advance the business of plant breeding via patency rights and other means.


Plant Breeding as a discipline of skill and science draws on the knowledge of related Plant science and agricultural disciplines. Hence, PBAN shall actively work with related scientific associations to achieve her objectives. PBAN shall collaborate with sister associations from other African countries and the apex African Plant Breeders Association (APBA) to achieve common and mutual goals towards a food secure Africa. PBAN looks forward to work collaboratively at the level of it cooperate entity and individual members with like vision organizations around the world to achieve the task of feeding the human race in the face of global environmental challenges.

PBAN welcomes membership of and from any individual or organization, from any part of the world, who wish to be a part of an exciting journey to achieve her laudable objectives.

Your immense presence in the scientific and public space of your efforts towards Plant Breeding advancement and guaranteeing food security cannot be over emphasized.

As a critical stake holder, we look forward to partnering with you in furtherance of this associations objectives as we look forward to hearing from you soon. Accept the best assurances of the entirety of this association’s membership.

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